Spring Testing Machine

Spring Testing Machine MODEL: M - STM


Couplon make Spring Testing Machines is widely used for quick and accurate testing of compression & tension test of springs. The machine comprise of two hard chrome plated columns with fine cut single screw with hand wheel for manual loading and unloading arrangement. The machine uses a high precision Load Cell for measurement of force. For displacement measurement Mechanical Linear Scale or Digital Vernier Caliper or Rotary Encoder is used. Measuring System is based on latest microcontroller / microprocessor based electronic panels with all facilities.

  • Digital Vernier Scale with 0.01 mm resolution for displacement measurement (6" or 12")
  • Rotary Encoderwith separate digital unitwith resolution 0.1 mm orO.01 mm
  • 9/24 pin Dot Matrix printer interface.
  • Serial RS-232 interface with windows XP based advanced software for real time graph and automatic result calculations.
  • Motorized Loading Operations
  • Microprocessor / Micro-controller Based Unit.
  • Force Measurement Accuracy ± 1 % Of Indicated Load Or 0.5% Of Full Load Value Whichever Is Higher.
  • QuickAnd Accurate Measurement.
  • Interchangeable Load Cells.
  • Modulus Data For Load & Displacement (For Selectable Models With Software).
  • Optional Dot Matrix Printer Interface.
  • Optional Windows Xp Based Software With Rs-232 Interface.
  • Simple Controls For Ease Of Operation.
  • Safe Operation Ensured By Means Of Safety Devices.
  • Simple Hand Operated Mechanism
  • Optional Automatic Computerized Operation With Drive & Motor Available


M STM-20
M STM-200
M STM- 500
Maximum Capacity 20/10/5 Kg 200/100/50 Kg 500/300 Kg
Width Between Columns 160 mm 160 mm 250 mm
Maximum Crosshead Travel 160 mm 160 mm 250 mm
Force Measuring Resolution 1 gm 10 gm 0.1 kg
Displacement Measurement Options
Scale Type Mechanical Scale Digital Vemier Scale Rotary Encoder
Range 0-150 mm 0-150 mm 0-150 mm
Resolution 1.0 mm 0.01 mm 0.1/0.01 mm
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