About Us

Couplon Industries

Founded in 2005, Couplon Industries is a recognized manufacturer and market leader in the materials testing industry. Our material testing machines are designed and developed by using highly developed machines, latest technology, and advanced software with well supported engineering staff. With our extensive product range we are capable enough of satisfying all the solutions related to material testing in the industry.

What we offer

  • Quality Standards You Can Trust
  • Research and Development
  • Global Operations - Local to Our Customers
  • Service and Calibration
  • Product Portfolio
  • Couplon’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Quality Assurance

Operating under IS quality standards, all Couplon products are manufactured by Couplon Industries. We employ a product design philosophy where our customer’s data integrity, safety, and protection of investment are paramount. Why does such a commitment to quality matter so much? Because the accuracy, reproducibility and reliability of test results produced by Couplon equipment is critical to the success of our customers’ businesses and to the quality of their products. How confident do you need to be in your test results?

Service and Calibration

Couplon offers a broad range of service capabilities including calibration, technical support, training and assistance with laboratory management.

Customer Satisfaction

Third-party post installation customer satisfaction surveys show that year after year, we exceed our customers' expectations in regards to product quality, customer service, installation, applications expertise and training. We do not compare ourselves to others in our industry, but rather to the best of the best manufacturers in the world. Last year, we reported an 87% customer satisfaction rating. In comparison to the car industry, this places Couplon alongside Toyota and Lexus, and above names like BMW.*

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